1. FraB says:

    haha, hilarious!

  2. Tar says:

    Nicely done! 😀

  3. That_Bush says:

    That’s what she gets for making all the butterflies look the same! She gets no tip!

  4. Chase says:

    It could have been worse. Iron Man could have got rainbow colors to support the gays.

  5. T-nawtical says:

    Poor girl. She just wanted to impress him by going the extra mile =/

  6. I had a guy at Supercuts try to do something like that with my hair. I wear it flat and he added a “flip” to the front of my head like he had. I politely matted it down while he was cleaning the back of my neck. 😉

  7. New comic series idea! Wolverine goes about his daily routine and just slices shit: “Slice of Life: with Wolverine”

  8. Murasume says:

    I always wondered if he cleans his claws~
    i mean everytime he kills theres blood or flesh on his claws~
    but then it just recedes into himself~
    the victims he’s sliced into is not a part of him~
    quite literally and not sanitary~
    ah, watever, he’s practically immortal~

  9. DadaHyena says:

    I thought Wolverine had a fetish for Asian women!

  10. Howard says:

    What’s with the weird layout?

  11. Farhaan says:

    He’s my favourite super hero! “Gggrrrrraaaaahhhhh” you should’ve shown him doing this! 🙂

  12. Khalan says:

    Just read through your entire back catalogue (again!) from the beginning. You guys are great. Keep up the crazy / edgy / absurdist humour!

    In other news, my mind is a dark, dark mess now and my eyeballs are a solid, gritty mass of bloodshot jelly.

  13. Alo says:

    Khalan said exactly what I was gonna say, I still have a ton to go, but man, this the best webcomic I’ve ever read, hope it continues well into/pas 2016 :D!