Lunch Money


  1. LazyBones says:

    Hah, good one!

  2. Tar says:

    Ouch. That’s gotta hurt. Poor bat.

  3. Niko says:

    Rule number one: Never ever try to outsmart bullies, it won’t work

  4. Tar says:

    I heard that bats can transfer rabies. That kid must get his vaccine quickly!

  5. zdanee says:

    Nananananananana BATMAN!

  6. Chase says:

    Toonhole presents: “When Chris was in school”.

  7. Sir T-nawtical says:

    I’m impressed by the dent, but I do believe the splatter could’ve been improved. I’ll rate the smash a good 9.25/10.

    *gets smashed with another bat*

    O.k… that was a ten *faints*

  8. You wouldn’t hit a kid with comically oversized glasses wou..::SMASH::

  9. Murasume says:

    We all know now that bully~
    won’t be getting any more money from that kid~
    unless that kid becomes handicapped after his encounter with the bat~

  10. RRSeeger says:

    Haha! The kid was asking for it…

  11. Yeah, just goes to show that smart kids can be pretty dumb too! 😀

  12. Dan Beam says:

    That’s a really bad business, breaking bats for lunch money…

  13. Radasus says:

    If you turn the small kid’s head upside down, you get the bully’s head >.>

  14. Farhaan says:

    Oh it’s a voodoo bat! O.O

  15. Ryan says:

    If that was in real life, the bully would be arrested and tried as an adult.

    aaaaand that’s how I killed the joke.

  16. jerichobajao says:

    YOU B*STERD!!!!!!