When I Grow Up


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  2. formerly dead says:


  3. Ruptur3 says:

    I’m jelly, at least he has a job..

    but dang,son,really digging that haircut.

  4. Chase says:

    One of the famous lies parents tell, like “the tooth fairy exists” or “school counts, son”.

  5. Tar says:

    I just LOVE the 4-day weeks and 16-day months!

  6. Murasume says:

    at least it wasnt that damn lie~
    bout the stork or the birds and the bees bit~
    in this day and age most people are unemployed~
    he apparently sleeps where he works~

  7. A lesson experienced is a lesson learned. 😉

  8. Mr. Shades says:

    I guess you could say… he grew out of it.

  9. MaxThunder says:

    my first though was that the boy went gay… and now i’m confused…

  10. Seeen says:

    Hmmm… Personally, I think if the grown-up boy had been cast in the shade (AKA a different lighting direction being used) it’d give the effect more.