That’s Right I Quit!


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  2. Chase says:

    I can see Mom now: “Honey, are you upset ’cause he sucks the tits better?”

  3. Murasume says:

    And here I thought he was talking to a mirror~
    haha, but good show old chap~
    what you don’t kno is that baby isnt a baby~
    it’s a midget in a diaper~!
    what baby walks on two feet like him/her~?

  4. Not one, but two toys were left out on the floor.
    There is only so much one man can take.

  5. Noodle says:

    He left out semen in the second panel.

  6. Colleen says:

    Dads rant from time to time. Soon Junior will learn this.

  7. Ugly ass baby. Can you blame him?

  8. Yep. I’ve felt like this several times with my daughter…

  9. Smoerblomma says:

    Ah, childhood memories.

  10. T-nawtical says:

    I’ve been active on the comments for a while, but if I don’t have anything funny to say, should I just stick to brown-nosing? Because you guys definitely deserve the brown nosing.

    I mean the attention to detail is just perfect. I love how the red around the man’s eyes, and then the marks on the knuckles, and the lighting in the last panel… It’s all so perfect!