That Old Time Religion


  1. Doofus says:

    Yeah…I don’t get it. Help?

  2. Farhaan says:

    Atleast they got what they wanted ! 😀

  3. Chase says:

    This happened so fast. It was like they were just waiting for those words.

  4. ThighsNTris says:

    lol ive been to a lot of churches and i can honestly say… i have never even once heard lyrics that even resembled “Give me that old time religion.”

    still pretty funny though 😉

  5. Just like people who long for the “Good old days”. No way am I giving up my ipod for that crap!

  6. *sings* “Gimme that new age religion…Gimme that new age religion”
    *escorted into the church of Scientology*

  7. Colleen says: also used as the theme for Inherit the wind in 1960

  8. haha Love this! Really dig the colors in this. Great job, man!

  9. DadaHyena says:

    Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

  10. Tar says:

    Haha! That’ll teach ’em! Time travelling is kind of witchcraft indeed 😛

  11. Elijah2200 says:

    Huh. The old maiden gets the iron maiden.