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  2. Tar says:

    And THAT is the very reason I don’t eat the cookies.

  3. Chase says:

    I have a powerful feeling this guy had fortune cookies before.

  4. Murasume says:

    Either he had chinese food that was poisoned with laxatives~
    or someone really knows their stuff~
    they need to make more fortune cookies like that~

  5. SonicSarcasm says:

    bet he’s in for a crappy night 😉

  6. Saeed says:

    Chinese food has never really had that effect on me. I’ve probably been eating it for so long it’s become one with my insides.

  7. I really liked this one.
    You never know what those things are going to say.

  8. Nemesis Fixx says:

    Reason I eat my nuts without cracking ’em

  9. Florb says:

    Yes! That would be the funniest thing to give out at a restaurant