Daddy’s Secret


  1. First Knucklehead says:


  2. NAME says:

    I found my (not yet wrapped) birthday present once when I was little. I was clever and excited enough to tell my mum. She was not happy and/or excited.

    Made for one hell of an awkard birthday, though 😀

    • If I was your mother, I would’ve substituted the present for something HORRIBLE and troll the hell out of you. I’d wait until weeks later, THEN deliver your gift. That would’ve taught you.

  3. Chase says:

    Poor kid. Now the father must kill him for knowing his secret.

  4. First rule to keeping a secret. Never reveal the secret until the accuser is finished speaking. 😉

  5. DadaHyena says:

    It gets worse: Daddy bought Junior his own pair of lingerie!

    “I wish I were a girlie, just like my dear papa!”

  6. Mr. Shades says:

    Alright lets wrap this up

  7. Mr. Shades says:

    We can keep this… under wraps

  8. Mr. Shades says:

    This is really… dragging on

  9. j4rio says:

    It lacks a fourth panel pretty badly with kid throwing an awkward look when he finally processed what he just heard.

  10. j4rio says:

    5th panel could be the first one again, thus inducing a comic paradox.