Comic Boo Boo

Hey there Toonholigans!
We made a little boo boo mistake last Friday. We accidentally double posted Ryan’s awesome new cartoon and todays comic.

Just a little mistake. Don’t worry we got plenty of comics & stuff abrewin’ ahead.
But to make up for last friday’s double post and to keep the entertainment value up…here’s a free wallpaper sketch of a hairy dude in a dancing line.



The Toonhole gang (Ryan, Mike, Chris and John)


  1. Edd says:

    Finnaly im first to comment. Oh thank YOU LORD FOR THIS.

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  3. Harold says:

    Okay, these by far are some of the craziest funniest comics I have read online. Do you guys feature other artists on your site?

    • Harold, we haven’t really yet. We already have 4 artists fighting for spots of the week. But who knows what the future HOOOOLLLDDSSSS!!! *guitar solo*

    • Harold. what chris said. but it seems you’re pretty active an prolific cartoonist. Just saw the front page of your website, the candy corn gag that’s up today is great. Hits home so deep. So true. Haha.

  4. Ashley says:

    Love the tophats