Toonhole’s Invades Comikaze This Weekend

TOONHOLE invades Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles, California!  Come see us at BOOTH 820 this weekend Sept. 15 &16 if you’re in LA.


Hey So.Cal folks, guess who will be exhibiting at COMIKAZE EXPO in Los Angeles this weekend?! Well, yeah, there’s that one guy Stan Lee…but there’s also gonna be the internet’s very own, Toonhole! Yep, we’ll be slangin’ prints big and small, shakin’ hands, and passing stuff out. So stop by our booth and share a fake laugh or force a smile. At the very least, slow down and wink at us when you walk by.


We’ll be there Sept. 15 & 16, Booth #820 near Star City Games!

-The Toonhole Turds

10 thoughts to “Toonhole’s Invades Comikaze This Weekend”

        1. I missed out on this round. I just flew back from Europe Sunday night and I’m kinda bummed about not getting to meet people at our table. But there could’ve been worse reasons than Europe for me to miss out!

          1. Aiden, it was pretty awesome for us. Super good response, tons of people laughed at our stuff and dug the display. For the first time in my life it feels good to be laughed at by so many passerby’s, haha.
            We easily met over 2,500 people and ran out of business cards. Tiring but awesome convention.


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