Self Esteem


  1. Buttbuttinator says:

    Good. She really needs that nosejob.

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  3. Tar says:

    I see that her nose is bigger than her titties. She’d better ask her BF for a breast enlargement! 😀

  4. Chase says:

    You could tell this was coming from the first panel.

  5. Murasume says:

    The question is who recommended what first?~
    Did the boyfriend issue the book to her?~
    Cause it sounds like she wanted the nose job~
    and apparently the boyfriend didn’t mind her schnoz~
    telling her to read that book~
    I’m thinking too much into it~

  6. Bill says:

    It’s great advice. Make sure you accept yourself before you make changes so that others will accept you. 😛

    • advice 1: believe in yourself and accept yourself. The world will accept you as you are.

      advice 2: life is way better when others pay for your stuff.

      Who says Toonhole doesn’t have good morality stories, ehhhh.

  7. Samantha says:

    They need to turn her nose into bigger boobs

  8. Chase says:

    Blonde girls can read when only bribed.

  9. Iron Angel says:

    Perhaps she wanted one so her boyfriend got her the book and agreed to let her get one after she was done in the hopes that she wouldn’t WANT one after reading the book.

  10. Jackie says:

    At least the bf wanted her to accept herself and not change anything…yeah I’m a girl about it! :-p