Fish Suicide


  1. Ruptur3 says:

    When you don’t want to deal with Life’s bullshit, it decides to give you the worse farewell party ever..

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  3. Chase says:

    He got the only fisherman sissy enough not to use a hook.

  4. darklyxx says:

    but the fish doesn’t have a neck. how would that work?

  5. DadaHyena says:

    Friggin’ hilarious!

    I don’t think it needs the caption, though. The joke works fine without any dialogue.

  6. Murasume says:

    even he did get caught~
    I’d prolly not even eat it~
    considering the fish is poisoned~
    with the consumption of alcohol~
    apparently he was doing this suicide in public~
    would have been better just to find a bigger fish to eat him~

  7. MNK says:

    This attempt was better than the time he tried drowning himself.

  8. Jackie says:

    Lmao anyone notice the fish on the left in the last panel? He’s just like “Umm, what?”