Take a Number


  1. John says:

    Get that first status before the bot does…

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  3. Idan says:

    There’s no going number two for this guy for the next 10 hours or so

  4. and the worst part is, the DMV is playing the same “buckle up safety” video looped on all the monitors. Welcome to Hell, Sir.

  5. Actually that happened to me. I got number 5 once and I thought “Not Bad.” But when I looked they were serving # 67 and their numbers go up to 99 after which they start over with 1.

  6. Potato says:

    let the nightmares begin…

  7. Hypothermo says:

    Funny. I just went to the DMV a few days ago to get my Permit renewed. Took me only an hour.

  8. Raptor says:

    He’s lucky. I didn’t see any sweaty obese men, annoying latin women, or screaming babies.
    I would take that line over my DMV line any day.