Extra Large Lots of Cheese


  1. Nekro13 says:

    […] via Me gusta:Me gustaBe the first to like this. […] I just had to do that to the bot

  2. […] via Me gusta:Me gustaBe the first to like this. […]

  3. Underservant says:

    The pimp looks like the dude from Saints Row the third

  4. kim says:

    ewwww lol

  5. Chase says:

    If cheese is yeast infection, what’s a pepperoni?

  6. Ashley says:

    I wonder if he actually knows he’s ordering a prostitute…

  7. “If yall bitches don’t get there in under 30 minutes, it’s free…so move ya’ asses! GO!”

  8. Chase says:

    In response Ryan, how far can their scooter carry ’em?

  9. NoveltyFishHead says:

    The lesson: Never pick up a “tasty order” phone # written on a bus stop. Its not pizza. XD

  10. darklyxx says:

    i bet it’s just some crap grade cheese

  11. kirun says:

    hahaha mmmmmm cheeesssee

  12. r0b3rt says:


  13. Chris says:

    No more pizza for me. Oh and here’s something for you to think about for a future comic.


  14. ryan says:

    Oh.. my.. God..

    You are my hero

  15. Zatch says:

    This one isn’t loading for me, why?

  16. Syrain says:

    Fromunda cheese!