Excited Astronomer


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  2. Shadman says:

    I was expecting him looking at titts or a ass!

    …or a penis

  3. Bird says:

    Ahaha, clever!

  4. Looks to be…hmmm…about $438,791.63 Might be some fifty-cent pieces in the bags. Hard to tell.

  5. Chase says:

    One word: cha-ching!

  6. Brock says:

    I read it in your Attenborough voice

  7. Lyco says:

    and this is where our tax dollars are going

  8. James Games says:

    I kinda wanted a penis joke. Or a dirty bum joke… Still funny though!

  9. RAAAH says:

    And then….the money turned out to be Reichsmark (not worth the paper it was written on in the end)

  10. T-nawtical says:

    It’s always nice to take a moment to just take a look into the deep unfathomable recesses of his money. It’s much more interesting than those twinkly things in the sky.