Everyone Gets Laid


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  3. Chase says:

    Ah man, I lost. My computer died before I commented

  4. Danejahflexx says:

    Hey ‘Me Gusta Guy’…they’re on to u…0_o

  5. formerly dead says:

    I saw this one coming.

  6. ryan says:

    hahaha i like the upside down guy

  7. Tu-Anh says:

    I remember overusing this line right after I got laid…off.

  8. James Games says:

    Best way to have some face rejection, have them feel joy! Then crush their dreams, their lives, their wives, and their kids. Of course money cums first.

  9. Jacklebott says:

    Read through the whole archive in 2 days, and I’ve been wondering, how come clicking on the picture takes you to the previous comic instead of the next one? It’s tiresome having to click the next arrow instead of the picture

    • We figured most people start at new content when they get here and would read backwards. You read chronologically, you nonconformist : )

    • Thanks for the feedback. Yeah, we’re not sure if people are digging back into our backlog. or plowing forward. Anyone else wanna chime in if you’ve read our archive?

      Also, THANKS! That’s awesome to hear you dug through all our stuff. You must have eyeballs of steel.

      • Ashley says:

        Yeah I read chronologically too, whenever I start a new webcomic I like to start from the begining. Even if it’s a comic without a storyline, starting anywhere exept from the begining feels weird to me.

        • Statistically, most people bounce from our page after reading about 5 pages tho. So if they wanna see another one, they probably just click on the comic. Sorry to the hardcores, we love you guys are reading the whole backlog. Also, I apologize for our whole backlog. : )

  10. Nick says:

    There’s always a no headed character in every good comic book…

  11. darklyxx says:

    That guy is very twistable. Also when i read the title i assumed it was going to be another chicken comic.

  12. Zw0nk0 says:

    Somehow I found the upside down guy the funniest. 🙂