A Little Wider


  1. Sam Solo says:

    Looks like a giant mushroom.

    Nice one Chris!

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  3. Tar says:

    Yay! The dick jokes are back! *cheers* 😀


  4. BDLR says:

    That vein looks like the Mississippi river. hahah

  5. kim says:

    I think he needs to see a doctor about those greenish looking bumps .. and possibly frostbitten ball sack.

    • Tuxpud says:

      The balls are just not receiving any blood flow due to the, er, ‘demand’ of the rest of his manhood. As for the pustules, I got nothin’. That’s just nasty.

  6. Satsu says:

    Hmmm I couldn’t really find the funny. I guess it was just an excuse to draw a huge penis.

  7. Jwbalsley says:



  8. Akanatsu says:

    Comics from start to finish…. Great. Just great. 😀 If you don’t get the joke, just slap yourself in the face with a speeding car.

  9. Potato says:

    i am at a loss for words…

  10. mrtt says:

    1. Gangrened balls and pustules = disgusting.
    2. The joke is not even funny.

  11. Holvy says:

    what is it with these men and not being able to keep their giant penises clean?

  12. Crazy Reg says:

    Wow! So fucking awesome! And I thought my webcomic was the epitome of dick jokes! 😛

  13. ADRIENNE says:

    omg…it’s going to swallow her! yuck.

  14. Chase says:

    I betting orgasms are bullets out of a gun.

  15. Woody says:

    Look at all the work you put into drawing and coloring that. Lots of LONG nights and HARD work, eh?

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  17. Modernman says:

    Looks like a mushroom with fungus on it

  18. Dan says:

    I think he has big herpes 😀 or somethig like that.