Teenage Werewolf


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  2. Tar says:

    Awesome drawing skills on the perspective in panel 4. And the transformation in panel 5.

    Ah what the heck. It’s GREAT! 😀

  3. Bubbaclaw says:

    You gotta have priorities. The damn fool should have known better than to wear a collectable on the night of a full moon.

  4. kim says:

    Yikes.. to shred a black sabbath tour shirt of any kind is absolutely sacrilege. He should’ve worn an N’Sync shirt or something, because that’s a fitting fate for that crap!

  5. I love reading your work on Acid. keep it up.

  6. Nick says:

    I swear you guys are using some sort of brain washing ink to make these comics because I literally woke up this morning thinking with excitement “Ah yeah! It’s Monday, new ToonHole Comic!”.

  7. joe951Turbo says:

    I feel his pain. I had to dig out my old 83 Monsters of Rock t-shirt just to make sure it was still ok.

  8. Hypothermo says:

    I didn’t know giant bowling balls could do that.