Couples Hypnotist


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  2. nipple man says:

    Funny cause hypnotism is fake

    • Air says:

      Actually, hypnotism is very real. It just depend on how susceptible you are. But instant stuff like in this comic only works with few people.

      • Is it real like evolution or real like homeopathic medicine?

        • Hypothermo says:

          At my brother’s high school grad party, everyone was locked in Andretti’s Speed Lab for a whole night. One kid was hypnotized to steal everyone’s shoes.

          He did so for the next 8 hours and didn’t stop at all.

        • Lykos says:

          Real like Homeopathic Evolution.

        • Elitekross says:

          real like evolution. it puts you in a trance state with deep brain waves. you become more susceptible to suggestions though you wont do anything you believe to immoral deep down.

          • Mr.Rogers says:

            If what you will do is relative to your morals I hope for everyone else’s sake I am never hypnotized .

      • Random Guy says:

        Didn’t homeopathic medicine evolve into the chemotherapy used for treatment of cancer?

  3. James Games says:

    Um… I met a few sexist and racist people and I have to say making their delusions come out of my mouth made them believe them even more. I think I ruined maybe a hundred people’s lives… *shrug* Oh well.

  4. Panel 5: “…And get me a cold one while you’re at it. NOW BITCH!”

  5. Santorum says: