Musical Chairs World Champ


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  2. George says:

    Somebody needs to check that chair for steroids.

  3. Tu-Anh says:

    I totally see that 3rd Placer pushing that kid out of his wheel chair in one of the rounds. This really cracked me up, haha.

  4. That little… wait a minute. “World” champ? I might just get a paralyzing injury and enter this… image all the babes!

  5. Allen says:

    There were other wheelchair bound contestants too, but they just weren’t up to snuff.

  6. Grover says:

    Is that Bert & Ernie placing 2nd and 3rd?

  7. Amsoman says:

    The question is: how did Homer Simpson get third place?

  8. Me says:

    Actually, if the kid in the wheelchair was playing musical chairs, then no one would win. In musical chairs, there is one chair less available than the amount of contestants. however, one of the contestants already has a chair, so everyone sits down when the music stops.

    • Yesyes. By your own admission, there is always one chair less than the number of people, youseeyousee. Butbutbut if there are two people, the only chair would be the wheelchair.

      Elementary my dear, Watson.

  9. Stewart says:

    Also, how did he get up on the podium?
    He deserves a standing ovation for that.

  10. Tobias says:

    Musical wheelchair – Steve Hawkins – Auto-tune artists. Got it.