Clean Your Room


  1. Tar says:

    Haha that was awkward 🙂

  2. Jakkal says:

    fantastic drawingstyle in the first three panels!

  3. Dave says:

    No woman can resist those great big, blue Sinatra eyes!

  4. Ernesto Moreno says:

    Mama’s boy.

  5. jack says:

    real nice work McNasty!

  6. Tu-Anh says:

    droopeh boobehs

  7. SPINE says:

    Incest, film noir and droppeh boobehs all in one. win.

  8. “And for Christ sake, put out that filthy cigarrette! You’re gonna get the cancer.”

  9. Saeed says:

    I loved scrolling down on this one. The reveal at the end was well done. I also thought the spelling of tutz was a nice touch.

  10. dhaynes says:

    I think it’s “toots”?

  11. david says:

    haahaah good one dood! awesome drawings.

  12. George says:

    You guys know how to get me every time. Hee-hee…

  13. Katya says:


    Srsly though, nicely done!