Hey Toonhooligans! We’re gonna be at WonderCon, March 16th-18th in Anaheim! We’re gonna be in the small press section. I’ll have a map in another update. Is anybody going?!

We’re pretty excited cuz we have a bunch of prints for sale. We’ve got our regular 8×10 prints, but we’ll also have some oversized 13×19’s for your pleasure.

Of course, we’ll have free books to hand out.

We’d love to see you guys! Drop by and say hey!

The ToonHole Idiots

6 thoughts to “WonderCon!”

  1. you guys were by far the best booth i visited this weekend, he space comic still makes me laugh when i look at it, i have decided to hang it across from my toilet, cause everyone deserves a good laugh while on the throne. thanks guys you rock

  2. I have to admit I just found your comics but I love them already. You think you know what’s coming next but you have no idea. These are hilarious and I definitely enjoy them as my daily, constant laugh. Best o’ wishes. (:

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