What’s That Spell?


  1. asdf says:

    I don’t get it …

  2. Kulrak says:

    Cheerleaders can’t spell?

  3. Tar says:

    I’m afraid I don’t get it either …

  4. Aminder says:

    haha, the only other place this happens is probably a dyslexia conference.

  5. Igge says:

    Nice girls! I would like to have a sex with all of them! But I also haven’t understood what’s that spell?

  6. Gary says:

    Spelling is overrated. I love the hint of cheerleader panties. So sexy. I know they’re not really panties but still. panties.

  7. Tu-Anh says:

    hehe this reminds me of the cheerleading scene in The Replacements πŸ˜›

  8. Ernesto Moreno says:

    I don’t know what that spells either.

  9. SPINE says:

    Man, I like this one. I like the look of despair on the blue haired girl in the last panel.

  10. kirun says:

    like what does spell mean?

  11. Marie says:

    got to love ditzy cheerleaders. good job chris :p

  12. yes says:

    I would fuck everyone in the first panel

  13. buttflap says:

    2nd panel spells IDK I think.

  14. eastb01 says:

    I found toonhole today, looked back through a bunch of the comics. You sir are crude, rude, immature, and sometimes childish. You also are extremely funny and a good artist. Site now bookmarked.

  15. James Games says:

    People go to school sports games because of cheerleaders. Also, cheerleaders read of some huge flash cards to cheer. I have seen the flash cards…

  16. Jwbalsley says:

    Hey guys it was great meeting you at Wondercon, we should get together and draw some comics. Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Tony McGurk says:

    Boobs, panties, poorly educated cheerleaders, this strip has it all

  18. Steph says:

    I don’t have experience with cheerleader figures, but that looks like some kanji to me …

  19. Blake says:

    i like the one on the far right πŸ˜‰

  20. Fiona says:

    Cheerleading, mistook spell as smell

  21. Loki says:

    From the positions of the girls…On first panel. It looks like it spelt. SEX. Well in a way…*Shifty eyes*

  22. chumash99 says:

    One thing keeps coming to mind…

    Country Joe McDonald
    “Fish” cheer
    Live at Woodstock, 1969

    “Gimme an F”!
    “Gimme a U”!
    “Gimme a C”!
    “Gimme a K”!
    β€œWhat’s that spell?”
    β€œWhat’s that spell?”
    β€œWhat’s that spell?”

  23. Jerri says:



  24. Rachina says:

    “What’s that spell? No seriously, what does it spell?”

  25. Sinkys says:

    I think they are embarrassed as it doesn’t spell anything?

  26. Trickster says:

    I only *wish* I were that stupid.