Varsity Team


  1. BOB says:

    If his arms and legs stayed stretched, why didn’t also his eyeballs?

  2. Ernesto Moreno says:

    So thats how I can get taller…

  3. DadaHyena says:

    Well, at least he got his eyes back in their sockets!

  4. James Games says:

    I have come across all sorts of “logics” and in the end… everything makes sense to me. I find that odd.

    • James Games says:

      [First panel] (Dreadlocks Guy): “I’m black.”
      (Bald Guy): “Yeah…”
      (White Guy): “I’m white.”

      [Last Panel] (Bald Guy): “What the fuck…”
      (white Guy): “Jesus Christ…”
      (Dreadlocks Guy): “Black Christ…”

  5. Crumb says:

    Now is that pink knob protruding from his face the tip of the flagpole, or did one of his balls come popping out of his mouth from the impact? Based on personal experience I’d buy either/or.

  6. Tar says:

    Plastic Man, the younger years

  7. Jwbalsley says:

    That’s gruesomely hilarious!

  8. Love the way the bottoms of his socks blew out

  9. Vareth G says:

    1st panel.. is Coach flipping God off? For making the kid too short? I’m getting curious about this multi-faceted Coach character.