Rhino Thieves


  1. Bertel says:


  2. Tar says:

    Don’t forget his gold teeth!

  3. The Hawai'ian Gardener says:

    You notice there’s a black guy in this one too?… Peer pressure is the worst SMH

    LMAO keep me laughin guys

  4. DadaHyena says:

    Very sad truth; rhinoceri are killed for pretty pointless reasons (no, their horns can’t be used to make aphrodisiacs…not that I’ve tried…).

  5. Ernesto Moreno says:

    For a second I though it was removing the wallet from his ass.

  6. James Games says:

    I’m sorry but this time I don’t get the joke… not that I find it offensive in anyway I’m just… not getting it :\

  7. Hypothermo says:

    Hey, wait a minute… WHY AREN’T THEY GRABBIN’ THAT IVORY!?

    • N0083rP00F says:

      Maybe because there is very little worthwhile ivory on a rhino? Note to the uninformed – ivory=teeth – rhino horn=cuticle=hair/nail and can grow back. Just don’t try and explain that to the ignorant but rich Saudis, etc.

  8. The__dude says:

    Man I been coming here for a while I had seen some of your work on newgrounds as well.
    Just keep doing what you do I die laughing at this stuff only to be reborn on another mon-wed-fri, to do it again thanks and keep up the superb work.

  9. ryan says:

    was hoping they were gonna find dead ace ventura inside lol