I’ll Take Two Shots


  1. Austin says:

    He was askin’ fer two shots, he got two shots.

  2. Those bullets are insanely destructive, haw!

    He should’ve asked for a Sex on the Beach or something.

  3. kirun says:

    that hit the spots.

  4. Javis says:

    Mmmm, exposed beams. This is a classy joint. To bad there is dead all over the place now. Another great one.

  5. Adam says:

    That is some appealing gore.

  6. Spooky ! says:

    This ain’t funny

  7. Noodle says:

    Love how you always draw the eyes and grey matter whenever someone’s head explodes. Also the black blood with the red highlights is neat look.

  8. Testsubject5 says:

    Way too obvious,

  9. Modernman says:

    Haha , hilarious