One Last Wish


  1. BaBAM! says:

    i find it so awesome that he orders a diet coke on his death bed

  2. Colter says:

    @BaBAM! – He found the regular coke to be a little over the top as a part of his final meal. Wanted to go out healthy.

  3. Some folks might be mad about this strip, thinking it’s about how horrible fat people are. I prefer to think it’s about how horrible food addiction is. But either way, it’s hilarious.

    Awesome designs, awesome drawings, awesome lines, awesome colors. Crazy good.

  4. Sea Sick says:

    What was before two fries?!?!?!?!

  5. Spooky ! says:

    Typical american

  6. Buddha says:

    Fuck, dude, that’d be my last wish. Also a spliff, but that’d be harder to come by.

  7. Armen G says:

    The way you drew Laurence made me feel so frigging bad for him. I mean look at him ;_____;

    Poor fatty.