Driving Home


  1. Can drinking make you anti gravity too? If so, set ’em up Joe!

  2. d3l says:

    good but… *FIXED* http://bit.ly/tvP073 *FIXED*

  3. d3l says:

    or maybe he’s australian?

  4. Sea Sick says:

    Story of my life…usually the third story…

  5. Luke! says:

    I like this comic strip! You are now on my Google Reader comix page.

  6. kim says:

    I think I’ve had nights like this, but minus the wall and the cop. My memory seems a bit fuzzy.

  7. Octopuns says:

    Woah. The way you made the stars in stars in the first two panels look like lights on buildings just tripped me the hell out.

  8. yadi yada says:

    asshole chris

  9. chuck says:

    ‘course he ain’t drunk, i’ve never been able to park like that. not even while sober!

  10. Axel says:

    And they said he wouldn’t be able to make it back to his house