Scrawny and Weak


  1. Ribbenhoover says:

    Liked the comic, but you could have eliminated the typed dialogue entirely. It was strong enough to read M.O.W.

  2. kirun says:

    i hate it when that happens

  3. Not a good start but then again Grandma was always the toughest chick in the house.

  4. blake says:

    1000% protein, my god

  5. Zwonko says:

    Oh yea lol didn’t notice the extra zero! I actually use stuff like proteins and carbs like that – does help me gain weight, I’m a fetherweight so almost a true story for me!
    Only thing is: my lid tends to come off too easy rather than being closed tight.

  6. Jason Fairbanks says:

    First post made a good point. Could’ve worked without the dialogue.

  7. StealthBeast says:

    Wait a minute… There’s no dense shadows in this comic…

    The chick in the first panel has a full mustache and beard O_O