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Hey folks!!

It’s been a crazy couple of months doing Lou the Frog content, and I’m jumping on other content creation for a bit to finish other projects. I wanted to hear what you, the loyal readers, thought. Did you guys like the series? More specifically:

– Do you guys like the serial content as our usual one-off gag cartoons?
– Would you like to see more Lou the Frog content?
– Would you buy a Lou the Frog comic book? Or other Lou the Frog merchandise?
– Did you prefer the long format comic or long format cartoon?

I’d like to start doing character content, but I want to gauge how my stuff went over with you guys. Leave me some comments and let me know! Also, feel free to email me anytime: chris (at) toonhole.com and follow me on Twitter: @toonholechris

Your pal,
Toonhole Chris

6 thoughts to “Lou the Frog Talkback”

  1. Would like to see more Lou. The serial content is great. Each one of them are great as stand alone strips too and make you want to know what happened before and after. I’d buy a Lou comic if you printed it. Thanks for all the work you do to put out this high level of quality content. Not sure where you find the time.

  2. I love Lou, AND the one-offs.

    Lou is beautifully conceived and designed, and I reckon you could do a lot more with him and/or his universe. (I’d buy a Lou comic!) And returning to the same characters is great, because you get to know them and love them and want to see more of them.

    At the same time, there’s something great about crazy gag cartoons. I think they give you some huge freedoms: you can tackle subjects your hero might not fit with; you can make jokes that are too outlandish to work with a character who’s coming back; and you can do gags that work well for first time viewers, because they don’t depend on the reader already having an understanding of the character and being caught up on the story.

    I totally dig Lou, but don’t want to lose Toonhole as we know it. So I guess that means try to keep doing both.

    I think long stories work fine, as long as each installment feels like it accomplished something. If it has a twist, or a cliffhanger, or some good development, it feels like you got something done in that episode.

    Oh, and — Don’t put TOO much stock in how folks vote. What’s more important is your enjoyment of the thing. Do whatever gives you the most pleasure, because if you follow everyone else’s whims, and it gets to be drudgery, that’s no good. A labor of love should be fun to work on!

    1. Yeah, thanks Chris. That’s what’s hard about long format stuff for me. I feel like each installment should be entertaining in itself. I see so many other long format projects where an installment just introduces a plot point or something and it’s so boring. BUT they’re so much work to do. We’ll see if I can fit in BOTH; I’d like to do this full time so maybe in the future I can!


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