Long Beach Comic Con 2011!

Well, we survived Long Beach Comic Con last weekend. All the Toonholers were present, Toonhole Mike, Toonhole Ryan, Toonhole John, and myself (Toonhole Chris, not pictured). We had to wake up really early and pack our free books, flyers, and banners and get on the road. I was super tired but also really excited to get going and meet some folks.

Once we got there and set up, we started handing out small books full of our comics to try to get the word out about us. There were a bunch of people that liked ’em!

Even the children got in on the action… Until their parents came over.

We had some prints of some of our popular comics for sale that people really liked too. They came with frames and a handshake.

Oh, and you see Macho Man Randy Savage peeking around our booth? Yup, he was there supporting Toonhole. Oh wait, yeah, he does kinda look like Toonhole Ryan. Pretty sweet costume Ryan had, huh?

Overall, we had a great convention and met up with a lot of cool folks, including Chris and Shane Houghton of Reed Gunther fame, Peter from Rock, Paper, Cynic (who totally rocks! Check it!), Kevin Woody who just put out The Space Mayor of Spacetown, Denis from LAWLS, John Yuen and Matt Yuen who co-starred in Observe and Report, Angus Oblong who created the Oblongs, and Tupac Shakur, who is most certainly not dead, cuz he loves our new comics.

If you saw us at LBCC and came to the site, give us a shout in the comments section. We’d like to know what you’d like to see at other cons and what you think about the site.

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– Toonhole Chris

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