F My Life, Ink Outbreak, LBCC Interviews.

Like the first girl to go through puberty in middle school, Toonhole suddenly got popular! Check out all this press we’re getting. Why, if press were money… well, we still couldn’t afford rent.

First up, it’s TOONHOLE month over at FMyLife.com. Toonhole is the second comic to be featured on FML, second onto the classy Cyanide and Happiness folks. Check out the FML INTERVIEW <---- Right there. Today's comic is co-published on FML as well as Toonhole. Go check it out on FML’s site! A big thanks to ALICE from FML for the interview.

—–Ink Outbreak:
We’ve been following Brian King over at InkOutbreak.com since they launched. Brian is running a wonderful webcomics aggregator that helps tons of creators and audience members find each other. He contacted us and we feel really honored to be the first DOUBLE DIGIT INTERVIEW! So go check our interview out HERE <------ !!!

—–LBCC Interview #1
We got interviewed a couple times at Long Beach Comic Con and we just found the first of them to go online. The folks at WU Entertainment dropped by to interview Mike, Ryan, and John. Chris was out pooping. Check it out:

the Toonhole gang of idiots


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