Yoga Pants


  1. SkaSpooner says:

    And thus the idea for the iPhone 4s came about.

  2. ryan says:

    That’s hilarious.

  3. Sazk says:

    Proves my theory there’s something wrong with the american education system. They all churn out youngsters with disturbing mentalities

  4. Colleen says:

    That’s a yoga ass all right! and a different way of having your head up it! (I think most of us imagine the head as approaching from the front.)

  5. sherm says:

    Great surprise…I loved how you use the unique format of the blog page to sell a gag that wouldn’t work
    on paper

  6. Great one. Nice reveal in the last panel

  7. Sweet comic! very nice!

  8. kirun says:


  9. katie says:

    AAAAAAAAAAH HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oy, I’m dying. I love this.

  10. LOoLOoVv says:

    Sorta like a backward BJ… A BJ salad, if you will!

  11. asdf says:

    Hah!!! Me gusta

  12. Hastur says:

    It’s Lynn from “I Am ARG!”!

  13. AnnaH says:

    And the thus forever alone was created.

  14. Forever clogged sinuses.

  15. Monty says:

    Very clever with the farmer’s tan!

  16. Max says:

    Why is his head so screwed up? Imagine what he would look like standing up.

  17. insertnamehere says:

    whats wrong with his feet