Pregnant Smoker


  1. Ralhon Kramer says:


  2. LOoLOoVv says:

    Haha You make me want some smoked turkey reaaal bad!

  3. Chamito says:

    – “HEY! You shouldn’t drink and drive!”
    – “Oh my gosh. You’re right.”
    *Stop drinking and snort a pound of cocain*

  4. Wow. No tip toeing around that one. Well done.

  5. mrunicorn says:

    Ryan K. where have you been all my life. EXCELLENT SHIT IN THESE HAR PAGES SON!

  6. Unforgivable. And funny.

  7. jerichobajao says:

    Mina/Fernado Sandrew: Well, dejk smoking up right
    Malcolom: DEUUEAGH!!!! YOU ARE PINGAS!!!!!! *smash his head*