Happy Hour: Part 9 [End]


  1. colm ryan says:

    HA unexpected ending! well done.

  2. kirun says:


  3. kris.w says:

    haha! it’s funny cuz it’s true!

    nice job, Champ!

  4. LOoLOoVv says:

    Gorgeous set of knockers… I mean conclusion! You make me beg for more Lou!

  5. Brock says:

    This is truly one of the coolest things u guys have done!

  6. scott says:

    nice! it’s been a helluva ride lou! hope we get to see more of you someday!

  7. Great twist on this awesome story. Plus the art rocks as usual.

  8. ESPanimation says:

    Legs thanks toon hole c: