Hall Of Justice


  1. kirun says:

    it’s cool, batman has allstate.

  2. 2910 says:

    didnt get it the first 3 or 4 views, but then: XD²

  3. Chris K says:

    That is a fantastic comic. Wonder woman not the best parallel parker.

  4. Chamito says:

    Some things won’t change with a simple “Wonder” before the name…

  5. LOoLOoVv says:

    Haha I’d put woman drivers on par with Asian drivers (myself excluded of course)!

  6. Even Wonder Woman lives up top the stereotype of bad woman drivers.

  7. mars714 says:

    Well, you can’t really park very well when you can’t see your own vehicle.

  8. boar says:

    It’s kinda funny my mother is by far the best driver in the family, only with that one, she too has her problems.