1. Split says:

    This was amazing! 😀 LSHMSFOAIDMT- Laughing So Hard My Sombrero Falls Off and I Drop My Taco

  2. kirun says:

    that was the best cartoon ever.

  3. Hahaha Holy crap, Chris! Really amazing!! I love when he walks all drunk! Great animation, great timing! Love those drawings! Love that pan up on the fatty. So exaggerated! Really good job, man!

  4. sherm says:

    Yeah, those drunk-walks are pure delightfulness. MAN! I have no idea how you’re getting all these cartoons done so quickly…you’re a cartooning machine! So fun, so beautiful, what a treat 🙂

  5. Aminder says:

    “communion” bahahaha

  6. 2910 says:

    once and for all: STOP stalking me and convert my life into those great frog-comics!
    btw the enhanced view of this last cute chick was great. she even accommodates people on her body! this is ridiculous²!

  7. daniel says:

    Good god, Chris. Your avatar’s been from this the whole time? That’s awesome!

  8. jtruss says:

    This is the FRESH! MORE MORE

  9. John Guy says:

    I Love it!!! The gross details, Lou’s drunk stagger, animated giggling tits! Please tell me there is more of these coming

  10. colm ryan says:

    so good! nice continuity with the glassy bum.

  11. Tim Clark says:

    Very, very, very, very excellent. Seriously amazing work!

  12. Kenn says:

    hahahaha…awesome !!

  13. Word says:

    Great video.. I am totally enjoying the frog series… This was a great video…I loved the snap shots of booze with the frog!!

  14. Karuf says:

    Hahha Lou the frog is sooo funny. Do more like these please! I’m really excited for the end of Happy Hour.

  15. jwbalsley says:

    Oh that was so damn awesome, how long did it take you?

    • 7 months maybe? Didn’t work on it full time tho. Did it mostly by myself, with a little help coloring from my girlfriend, sound design help by Tony, and lots of input along the way from the Toonhole guys : )

  16. Dude, those 7 months you spent paid off. It’s hilarious and it looks great too!

  17. Holy shmoley, that was an irredeemably pro-substance abuse and sexist cartoon. And – it was funny. High quality work, Chris.

  18. Aaron says:

    I don’t cry from laughing very often, but the salt at the end just destroyed me.

  19. Adam says:

    AH-mazing. Great work man. I lost my shit when she salted him.

  20. Will says:

    At long last, LOU! You know how much I love this guy… Been swamped with work but better late than never to catch up. Cheers Chris, a jorb well done!

  21. ALONZO says:

    um cute funny weird uh i dont know what to think

  22. Vincent says:

    All of your art reminds me of Ren and Stimpy

  23. Andy says:

    This was great, I love the guy camping in the fat roll. xD