Lou the Frog Princess


  1. Bubbaclaw says:

    Now there’s a version I’ve never seen before. [Nor do I want to see again!]

  2. So well done throughout. I love how he’s got underwear for just the one panel.

  3. colm ryan says:

    love it. panel with his bulging black eye is amazingly well drawn.

  4. Freaken awesome comics. Love the art work, energy and the twisted humor. Really cool.

  5. kirun says:

    hahahaha happy ending.

  6. Ha Ha What a twisted outcome.

  7. John Guy says:

    Lou is such a great character. Can’t wait to see more of him

  8. obscenecupcake@yahoo.com says:

    OH GAWD Why DOES THIS TURN ME ON? *horror*

  9. MS Kati says:

    The detail that really does this for me is how the prince squeezes the frog’s butt at the end. I don’t know why but that disturbs me in a funny way.

  10. jerichobajao says:

    Robotnik: GAY PINGAS!!!!

  11. AmateurCartoonist says:

    Umm…that last panel.I’m speechless