Happy Hour: Part 5


  1. Aminder says:

    ahahaha love this.

  2. Rach says:

    does he make it?!!! oh the suspense!

  3. sherm says:

    Un-be-frikkin-lievably great. I LOVVVE it!

  4. Sazk says:

    Why not go ultimate n make this a 600 part comic?

  5. 2910 says:

    very well done. i also like the way the smithers are drawn. <3

  6. David says:

    Let’s make a game out of this!

  7. preacher jonson says:

    Dude this is the greatest comic strip i have ever seen please make Lou your primary character for everything in the future xD

  8. blake says:

    of course has time to stop for a cigi break, love the humour

  9. David Nuttall says:

    This is what I get for starting in part 2. I wondered if something like this might show up. Mind you in the game I played in the 1980’s, the target was always a girl frog, not a bar