Happy Hour: Part 4


  1. This can’t come out today; it’s Thursday!

    I love the little glasses, and the nonsensical extra time taken on the mouth close-up.

  2. kirun says:

    you can do it lou. I know you can.

  3. DHaynes says:

    Comics – Funny = Toonhole

  4. Dan Beam says:

    There was a vastly more appropriate amount of frog butts in this one, :D.

  5. 2910 says:

    if you scale the funny chalkboard-math panel into infrared vision u can actually see the frogbutt formula. :3

  6. Great comic and storytelling. Love the “comics – funny = Toonhole” written into blue prints. Classic.

  7. ALONZO says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww you can make it !!!!!!!!!