1. kirun says:

    awesome work!
    Lou the frog is the MAN.

  2. Amazing acting on the frog’s part. His staggering around is really cool.

  3. sherm says:

    That’s some damn funny-ass animation! Look at those hilarious poses — and all built around some deliciously simple and clear staging. Love the acting contrast between the frog and the kid. This is wonderful and highly entertaining.

  4. DHaynes says:

    Bravo! Super funny drunken animation. I love how you took the fact that the concept is kind of half-assed and made that part of the joke. A stroke of genius methinks

  5. david says:

    nice work dood!!!!! and so it begins!!!!!!

  6. Love the poses and expressions and movements of the frog. Great work.

  7. joe fasheh says:

    soooo funny…awesome job Chris…hey if you guys need voice overwork let me know… joe-

  8. Mike Milo says:

    Very cool! Love the staggering of the frog! Great stuff!

  9. bob says:

    Microsoft Sam was at the end XDD

  10. Jim says:

    Hysterical! I loved the wheelchair.