Lie Detector


  1. Suuure you do, ooold maaan.

  2. ryan says:

    There’s just one problem with this comic – he’s not lieing!

  3. J says:

    Why do comics always need to poke fun at people’s religious views?

  4. yuoma says:

    I see!!! so even if God was a solid, physical, visible being, it still wouldn’t be enough proof for the fanatical atheists. got it.

    • MS Kati says:

      Yuoma, if “God” was a physical, solid, visible being, it wouldn’t have all the qualities ascribed to God. I can’t think of the exact term for the situation, but “oxymoron” would be close.

  5. NekoJr says:

    I’m Christian, and I still laughed. Love the comics guys~!

  6. Farhaan says:

    I think it’s humor and humor is never offensive… This is the kind of thinking why I’m punched in the face so many times ! 😀

  7. Ryan says:

    Are you making fun of god or just using him to make a funny paradox?