1. Chris says:

    The detailed paintings are hilarious, amazing job!

  2. AWESOME JOB! Very well done! HAAHAHHAHA At the end!

  3. Phil says:

    I’d hate to see what happens when they try to collect his mortgage payment

  4. ryan says:

    Awesome work dude. Really impressive and funny.

  5. Daniel says:

    Fucking amazing.

  6. sherm says:

    Holy Crap-a-Doodle that was f-f-funny! You musta had a great time making this 🙂

  7. asinglespark says:

    I see Jack made an appearance! haha

  8. MikeM says:

    that was AWESOME, i loved all the gags and the twist at the end. Great job!

  9. Ralhon Kramer says:

    love it !!!

  10. MADDOG says:


  11. Susan says:

    Amazing – loved the band-aid and the “cameos” (yours and Jack’s) !!

  12. kirun says:

    that was the greatest.

  13. R E E says:

    dude…I swear … I will NEVER ask you for MONEY … EVER.

  14. wowza! thanks for all the kind words, toonheads 🙂
    Can’t wait to start working on the next one!!

  15. Hass says:

    i died when he went super saiyan hahaha

  16. Erin says:

    You are so talented and brilliant! <3

  17. DHaynes says:

    LOL – amazing

  18. SIL says:

    WOW!!! LOVE IT!!!! Love the Fox News bit, the ass-wiping bit, omg, love it ALL!

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  20. Bok says:

    Me encantan las expresiones, muy muy bueno.

  21. Hard Wood says:

    That was the world greatest beatdown ever

  22. That was incredible. Simple awesome.

  23. Amazing cartoon. I never knew tight wad old men were so protective of their money. Hilarious.

  24. LOoLOoVv says:

    WOW, impressive creativity! I love that the guy wasn’t even slightly interrupted when the guy’s head crashed through the wall! 2 ply tongue.

  25. Dr Islands says:

    One of the funniest videos I’ve seen in a long time! I absolutely love the combination of quality art and insanity!

  26. jomper says:

    these are fucking amazing! funny as shit! except shit isn’t funny.

  27. Falken79 says:

    Badass. Simply badass.

  28. derpsypie says:

    when life gives you lemons, dont make lemonade. get mad!

  29. Joe says:

    He made him watch fox news.
    That´s fucking cruel man

  30. Tom says:

    I stopped watching after 1:26. I will not be visiting this site any longer.

  31. Timothy says:

    I’m late to the party, just started reading your comics from the beginning and will definitely keep up with them, but would be fantastic if you had a series going with this fellow. Absolutely hysterical! Definitely disturbed my neighbors laughing as hard as I did.