Toonhooligan Poll!

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We’re trying to spread the Toonhole gospel. Think your friends would like to read us? We’d appreciate if you helped us spread the good word. Thanks Toonhooligans!

– The Usual Toonhole Menagerie of Morons

12 thoughts to “Toonhooligan Poll!”

  1. quite a bit of months ago, Chris Allison left a comment on my blog; and since I loved his stuff, I followed his link to here and have been following since.

  2. Izzy: Your drawings RULE. You’re so good. The “Nico Nico Island” and “Do-re-me-fa-Donuts” fan art were so cool! It would be sweet if you made a post about the coloring tricks you learned.

    David: Hey dude! How’s it going?!

  3. over the summer, i interned at nick. my kickass production coordinator set up a meeting for me with ryan kramer, who shared a bunch of great info on boarding and showed me the animation he was working on in his spare time (!). he said to keep an eye on toonhole for the finished version, and i’ve been hooked ever since. lotta great stuff here guys!

      1. hey ryan, all is well (though pretty hectic – home stretch at school). i’m glad you liked morgan! how’s lemonade coming along?

  4. I think I clicked on a comment by Chris over on cartoonbrew or another blog. Was expecting to see his personal art blog but this was set as his webpage.


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