1. DHaynes says:

    God damn you.

  2. kirun says:

    that fart face was so funny

  3. rach says:

    ahahaha. i’ve been had!

  4. Matt Long says:

    I guess html comments don’t work here.

  5. I second the notion! (Pffút.)

  6. Dan says:

    A minute and 30 seconds for two gags (that should have been one gag,) that were only about 8 seconds. not funny

  7. james says:

    seriously if ur animation is mostly credits and its only a c- fart joke u need a new hobby. less credits more content

  8. Krawl says:

    The greatest thing about this is not the joke. Not the animation. Not any of that. It’s how much it bothered people that they felt their time was wasted.