Ice Cream Man


  1. pops says:

    ice “cream” man LOL

  2. …I will never hear an ice cream truck warble with clean ears again.

  3. Rob says:

    great stuff, as always.

  4. Reminds me of my days as a youngster, suggestively lapping my cream pop in front of my bald uncle, until I got to the sweet, sweet roofied center. I would drift peacefully asleep in the back of his windowless van… ah memories.

  5. Rob says:

    Hand cranking the siren that plays the jingle

  6. Oliver says:

    The Ice Man ‘cummeth’, eh?

  7. Modernman says:

    He looks phsychotic, someone quick lock him up

  8. AmateurCartoonist says:

    Haha great job chris!