Happy Clown


  1. BENJ says:

    hahaha ! very funny and well-drawn !

  2. chuckles says:


    it must of hurt more when he had to insert it in in the first place!

  3. kirun says:


  4. TheKJ says:

    Is that a face of pleasure or pain? Let’s hope the flag wasn’t made out of hard-edged paper.

  5. ryan says:


  6. Erin says:

    Hahahaha! The confetti is a nice touch! Now it’s a celebration!

  7. SIL says:

    HAHA!! I didn’t see that one ‘coming’ 😉

  8. Bearman says:

    oMG…too freakin funny

  9. josh says:

    best one ever.

  10. br&nd@ says:

    lmao hella hilerios so funny and nice

  11. Ralhon says:

    ok i’ve never seen this one
    really clever and funny

  12. Izack says:

    Is that chick Cruella Deville ? She had to give up her drive for fashion and get bye on fellatio’s .

  13. Testsubject5 says:

    Creepy if you ask me