Elephant Trunk Envy


  1. Michel says:

    Oh man! This is a great webcomic! Cheers!

  2. MEZA says:

    Toonhole finishes the week strong with a classic Kramer-Dick reference!!!

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Erin says:

    Hahaha! Awww….he doesn’t quite measure up!

  4. erickson says:

    stop making fun of me guys

  5. Evan N. says:

    Oh I get it; A penis joke!!

  6. theKJ says:

    Haha. Hopefully, there’s medication for that.

  7. SIL says:

    haha!! maybe he’s a grower not a shower!

  8. ryan says:

    “Oh I get it; A penis joke!!”

    a CLEVER penis joke.

  9. br&nd@ says:

    ha funny i love penis jokes so funny

  10. Ralhon says:

    ha ha this is a classic

  11. Jim Mysh says:

    I found you on InkOutbreak and this string of comics is very very funny. Keep it up guys! I’ll continue to follow you.

  12. edrofigo says:

    I’m starting to think the comic maker has a small dick

  13. comickyle says:

    Just found this comic from a link on channelate.com and I’ve read about 20 and I love them! Another added to my daily reading list.

    Also this is the best web design for a comic site I’ve seen so far.

    Keep it up!