Comic Chatcast!

Come join us Thursday at 6pm to 7pm Pacific at !!!

Let us be telling you about your future, mon.  Deh first hour is FREE!  We be chattin’, taking questions you have about anyt’ing.  ANY’TING!  We tell deh troof.

Skeptical?  Let’s let deh cards give a demonstration.  Hmm, I see symbols.  Cryptic symbols in rows.  I see debris from many years lay lodged between dem.  I see…  I see…  You sittin’ in front of a keyboard aren’t you?  And furthah, I see it in deh future to dis Thursday night.  Your plans will fall through an’ you be in front of your internet, chatting wid us on the Comic Chatcast, mon.  Come one, come all (excludin deh Pisces and deh Virgos).

p.s. Shhh.  Dere’ll be a SECRET CONFIDENTIAL RESTRICTED ODORLESS PRIZE GIVEAWAY that absolutely nobody knows about except for you and me.  *Magical wink*

(What’s a chatcast?  It’s an open chatroom that we’ll be hosting for an hour this Thursday.  Please come.  We’re lonely.  For quality assurance, conversations may be recorded.)

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