1. charles ngo says:

    He is a real boy!

    The subtle detail of the varnish and wood magazine is great!

  2. kirun says:

    the colors on this are really lively

  3. Well, I don’t blame the kid. . . That 2×4 with the nail in it is pretty hot.

  4. damn, how did I not notice the dripping varnish detail the 10 times I’ve seen this. ahah.

    ohhhh. nasty chair. and filthy little wood knot. man, Pinocchio is into some pretty hardwood stuff. (wahhh wahhh wahhhhhhhhhhhhh)

  5. So much to point out, too little time.

    The varnish made me laugh my ass off.

  6. SIL says:

    HAHA!!! Ryan, you’re da bomb. This has just made my all-time faves!

  7. Ryan says:

    I love that he’s masturbating to wood porn. Very funny and very clever, I also liked your foreclosed tree house comic haha!

  8. Belial says:

    hahaha this is by far my favorite comic you guys have made yet. Keep up the good work.

  9. Kramer says:

    haha, thanks gang… I actually heard that Woody from ‘Toy Story’ had the same problem once.

  10. david says:

    haha nice one!

  11. eoin says:

    man, I wish I could draw half as well as you guys.. great work! 🙂

  12. john says:

    I didn’t get it – I mean, I undestood what pinocchio was ‘doing’, but why is there a nail in his finger?

  13. Meh says:

    You know how it is guys: morning wood ALWAYS wins.

  14. ninaknock says:

    laughed so hard