Scuba Diving


  1. Hahahha! He’s got a bib! I love this comic.

  2. jordan says:

    oh yes… guys found the key to unlock the gateway of humor. Let me in!

  3. Kramer says:

    hey, where can i get a tank full of cheddar??

  4. damn krames, we should go in business with this shit. we’ll make billions off Texas . Cheddar tanks industry in the gulf of mexico is booming, fool!

  5. I’ve got a tank full of cheddar in my pants… Come and get it if you want it. 😉

  6. Beth says:

    Nothing quite like fresh seafood… with a side of cheese? Whatever floats your boat.

    There’s something about the scuba guys that I’m just loving.

  7. Matt Long says:

    Hahahaha this is my favorite to date. So random but awesome, I really enjoy the scuba guys comics Mike.

  8. aweg says:

    scuba dining